Stream and DOWNLOAD “People I Love”

Debut Album: Red Potion (release date: September 18, 2012)

People I Love by English Words

Hey hey,

Welcome to our new website/blog. We have great news. Our debut full-length, Red Potion, will be released in Canada on September 18, 2012.

We have even better news: If you click the link above you can stream our first single “People I Love”, right here, right now (just as Jesus Jones would have it).

Finally, we have even better great excellent news: We’re making it available for download. Enter your email address, check your email, and download “People I Love” right now.


**Important Note: If the download’s not in your email inbox (*ahem* Hotmail users), just check your JUNK folder, it will be there. We can say with confidence however, that this song is not junk, even if Hotmail thinks it is. We heard a rumor that Hotmail only likes Nicki Minaj**

We’ll keep you updated on album release details as we go. Looking forward to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship. Take care for now, and enjoy “People I Love”.